West Cork’s Gamelan Spréacha Geala, (translating as ‘Bright Sparks Gamelan). This unique Skibbereen based Gamelan is directed by Kevin McNally, Department of Music, U.CC. Playing Gamelan is by its very nature a participatory and sociable experience. However for those interested in digging deeper, the study of Gamelan can also incoporate the learning of complex musical techniques. Why not come along to one of the two free events below to hear and learn more?

A ‘chamber version’ of Gamelan Spréacha Geala, will be visiting The Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival on Sunday June 18 to deliver two workshops. Festival goers are invited to try out this inclusive orchestra, which requires no previous musical experience to play. The instruments are made from bronze and beautifully carved wood, and come from the ancient musical court tradition of Java, Indonesia. Workshops will take place at 2pm and 3pm in Killgarriffe church and places are limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment. It is suitable for all ages but very young children will need to have an adult to help them. For further information/bookings visit clonartsfest.com. Be sure to be on time!

There will be two sessions to avail of. The first will run from 2-3pm and session two will begin at 3pm.

Venue: Kilgarrife COI
Time: 2pm Session 1 and 3pm Session 2

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