Kevin McNally is a familiar face around Clonakilty. Kevin along with Ray Blackwell are responsible for creating and running the ‘International Guitar Festival’ every September in Clonakilty. Kevin also teaches guitar to all age groups. However, on this occasion, we will get a chance to see the wonderfully gifted Kevin perform solo guitar in Mollys.


Kid Ludic
Ludic: adjective: showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness.
Kid Ludic is the solo guitar project of multi-instrumentalist Kevin McNally. Kevin is a guitar tutor, lecturer in Indonesian music and musical director of the West Cork Ukulele Orchestra. This show combines well-known classical guitar compositions woven through with improvisation, snatches of popular melodies and the occasional original song. Genres entangle and blur the boundaries of usual binaries: high/ low art, structure/disorder, intellect/emotion, meaning/affect, Messi/Ronaldo….

Jack Kelleher is an old man who rides a bicycle. He’s American by birth, Irish by choice, and usually has a spanner in his hip pocket and grease under his fingernails. He is involved in the Clonakilty Bicycle Festival, the Clonakilty Community Bicycle Scheme, and Cycling Without Age. Jack writes short fiction which has very occasionally found publication. He lives alone in a chalet by the Celtic Sea.

His Californian fluid and dreamy words flow like poetry from his pages.

Time 8pm, Saturday, 17th June
Venue: Mollys Cafe and Wine Bar

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