DIANTANDO – light classical music with Antoinette Baker and Diana Llewellyn

These two highly-trained and professional musicians will delight audiences. Diana will play the Violincello and Antoinette, Piano. This will be a gem of a concert – not to be missed.

Venue: Shanley’s Bar
Time: 3 p.m.

The duo, Diantando, was formed in 2015 to play at a fundraising concert. Diana Llewellyn, ‘cello and Antoinette Baker, piano, have since played at other fundraisers and at Engage Arts Festival, Bandon.

Born and raised in South Wales, Diana comes from a family of celebrated musicians. As a young child she studied piano and later took ‘cello lessons at secondary school, thus following in her father’s footsteps. Diana was a member of the Glamorgan County Youth Orchestra and Choir and was also selected to play with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales.

Diana trained as a teacher at the University of Winchester, majoring in music. In 1971 she took up the post of Visiting Teacher of Instrumental Music back in her home county. Diana was promoted to Senior Tutor and was given the post of Conductor-in-Charge of one of the three regional orchestras, catering for 350 young musicians every Saturday morning and guided by a team of eighteen tutors.

In 1993 Diana moved to Ballydehob. Since accepting the post of Musical Director of West Cork Choral Singers in 1998 she took vocal lessons from the highly-respected singer and voice coach Robert Beare, Bandon.

A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin Antoinette Baker also holds an M.A. in performance (Organ) from St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. She has several diplomas in piano and organ including an F.T.C.L. (Organ). Antoinette has held posts as organist in St Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy and St Peter’s Church, Bandon. She regularly accompanies choirs, singers and instrumentalists for concerts, exams and services and has just returned from accompanying a choir at a festival in Rimini and San Marino. Currently on a career break from teaching piano with the Cork ETB School of Music and from conducting the Glaslinn Choir, Bandon, Antoinette hopes to return to both in September.

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